Expandetumundo is the union of a professional team of mountain guides with various specialist fields, based in Andalucía and The Pyrenees, who offer their teachings and their services as guides in natural environments and all types of mountainous terrain.

This team, eager to progress, cooperates in certain programs with a multidisciplinary team within the education and health fields; the latter to be understood as inclusive of all aspects: physical, cognitive, emotional and interpersonal relationships.

This special human symbiosis forms an integral part of the way in which personal progress is understood, to be offered to the client as an all round program, using mainly the natural environment as development tools.

-Senderismo, Travesías, Ascenciones, Escalada Clásica, Deportiva, Vías Ferratas, Descenso de Barrancos, Aqua-Trekking, (…)

-Thematic hiking, cultural tourism, discovery and understanding of the natural environment, survival skills courses, education in values, common interest non-profit social programs, amongst the educational programs..

Expandetumundo is an active tourism company which complies with all the rules and legislations in force in each of the Autonomous Communities where it performs its activities.

-Is registered in the “Registro de Turismo Activo” (Active Tourism Register) with the No: RTA AT/MA00141
-Is subscribed to a “Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil” (Civil Liability Insurance) with the policy No: RC/0316/1.  Company: RUA, SL (Reinsurance Underwriting Agency) ERIC (European Risk Insurance Company).

-Its workers are qualified as Sports Technicians for mountain sports practising: Expedition Climbing S.T., Mountaineering S.T., Canyoning S.T. and Climbing S.T.
-Its workers have carried out the Corresponding Request/ Declaration for Registration on the Official Register for Sports Professionals of Catalonia
-They are subscribed to a “Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil” (Civil Liabilty Insurance) with the policy No: RC/0316/1.  Company: RUA, SL (Reinsurance Underwriting Agency) ERIC (European Risk Insurance Company).


Our main operations centre is based in Andalucía, in the city of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol, from where we offer the majority of our programs in the fields of education and  health art, as well as those activities focused on cultural tourism, sports and adventure in a natural environment.

From this town, the activities are routed towards the surrounding natural spaces, spanning an ample coverage of the Andalusian geographic landscape and North Africa.

Barcelona is our second operations centre, from where are offered a vast number of educational, adventure, sports and tourism activities geared fundamentally for the Pyrenees, Cataluña and Aragón’s Pre-Pyrenees, The Balearic Islands as well as some areas of the south of France and the north of Italy.

Since we believe that the natural environment, knowledge, health and personal development belongs to everyone and are part of everyone, our programs and activities have been created  as much for people with high levels of experience in the various mountain fields, sport or heath art, as for those who have little or no experience. In any case, we have taken great care to bring nature to all ages and to people with particular “disabilities”..

As in, for instance, efforts have been to create gateways for:

-Assiduous sports people who want to know the natural environment and the applied disciplines from the hand of an indigenous and expert guide.
-People with anxieties of adventure-sports and learning in a natural environment.
-People interested in their overall health.
-Parents interested in broadening their children’s education.
-Visitors from other areas/countries here for cultural tourism or to get to know our geographic landscapes and our natural parks.
-People with particular disabilities looking for personal development within a natural environment and adapted mountain sports.