Expandetumundo has taken special care and interest to create programs for all ages, using handling and teaching differentiation as a focal point to meet with the needs of the different age ranges. In all the offered activities, you may notice that the programs are personalized as shown in the planning of each activity, as well as the existence of specially designed programs meeting the needs of the different groups.

THE LITTLES ONES (from 4 to 6 years old)
The main objective of Expandetumundo for this young age is a first and magical first contact with nature, to ignite in the children a strong desire to continue getting familiar and enjoying nature during the whole of their childhood and adult life.
As well as creating closeness between the children and their natural surroundings, other of the objectives are to guide their first steps in their learning about the natural environment as well as contribute to the development of their basic motor skills.

OLDER CHILDREN (from 7 to 11 years old)
This is a crucial age for the development of the children´s personality and of the skills for relating to others and their environment. This is an age in which the acquired concepts will remain in their mind their whole life. Equally, at this age, children keep their talents hidden, waiting for an opportunity to develop them. That is why Expandetumundo focuses their objectives on the following points:
-Open the fields of real discovery of the natural environment and its close geography as learning support to their school program.
-Encourage team work and positive communication from a young age.
-Offer them sound boundaries for the development for their own values like the desire to improve, trust, creativity, tolerance, respect and the vision of nature as a live entity in symbiosis with humankind.
-Continue the development of their basic motor skills.

“By nature, adolescents are disenchanted idealists in search of a particular way of adding their own grain of sand to the world. When their ideals get squashed, it degenerates in gratuitous rebellion; but when they feel validated and supported, nothing can keep them away from their dedication.” Linda Kavelin Popov.

In this sense, the general objectives proposed for this age group are:
-Channel their inexhaustible energies into sound diversions and respectful coexistence.
-Learn to carry out tasks working in group via moral leadership.
-Offer them a platform of opportunities for their dedication where they can develop their capacities.

The programs for adults contain the best range of proposed activities, whether it be sporting, adventure or touristic-cultural and artistic-health.
In this age range are concentrated all the objectives covered in the other age ranges, but represented in varying degrees, each activity with its own particular goal.
For Espandetumundo it is of prime importance to manage individuals and groups by promoting a team work approach through the qualities of moral leadership. As such, any activity whether adventure or health linked is silently immersed in this positive atmosphere, focusing on human relations and our surroundings.
Other, no less important goals are to support clients with their own personal objectives within their chosen activity as well as their personal guidance in consultation with the professional team. These objectives could be such as:
-Achievement of a sporting challenge, for instance the ascension to a peak, physical or mental improvement.
-Development of technical capabilities of a particular sporting module or activity.
-Technical knowledge acquisition.
-Understanding the natural environment and acquisition of autonomy to practice mountain or water sports.
-Immersion in the cultural, historic, and natural environment of the visited area.


Nadie deja de ser joven en su interior más que por voluntad propia, aunque sí las capacidades físicas, intelectuales y las necesidades emocionales van difiriendo para esta edad como para otras.
Por ello para los mayores creamos programas tanto en el plano cultural como en el de deportivo adaptándolas a sus necesidades particulares y realizando actividades a su medida.
Siempre existen personas mayores con una fortaleza que nos pone a los mismos guías en apuros y que desean programas de deporte de nivel medio-alto. Para estos casos aplicamos los programas de deporte-aventura considerando, como en cualquier caso, las capacidades y restricciones de cada cual.

We seek to adapt all the activities we offer to determined communities for the disabled. This is an innovative program whose purpose is to, little by little, integrate wider ranges of disabilities and wider ranges of activities. As we have mentioned numerous times, we ALL possess disabilities, they be physical, emotional, capabilities, talents, intellectual (…). For that reason, all the activities, at the moment of being put into practice, be it with one particular group or with an individual person carry a certain amount of precise adaptation on the part of the guide/instructor. As we would with any participant, we adapt the climbing activity to a determined disability, be it fear of heights, blindness, missing limbs, intellectual capacity and understanding, to name a few.

 Consult our guide on the nature of the disability, and if we possess the leadership capability, we will develop the activity at the adequate level or with precise objectives, designing the step by step progression for the participants by integrating their capabilities.