An essential premise that each of the team members of Expandetumundo will offer, is their compassion and caring qualities when dealing with the customers. Their knowledge and mastery in their specialist field, is the other pillar which underpins our quality base. As such, the human team we have available is the reflection of the quality product we have on offer.


Our mountain guides:
All the mountain guides of Expandetumundo have qualifications in their specialist field, issued by The Ministry of Education, which corresponds with the highest qualification within the sporting and mountain guide fields (Sports Technicians).

We also belong to AEGM and UIMLA, which internationally represent mountain guides.

What is a Mountain Guide?
A guide is a person qualified as much to guide a group as to teach in any field pertaining to mountain activities. The guides have been trained and prepared for taking decisions in the different situations that may arise in a mountain to arrive at the best resolution, using their evaluation skills and their technical and environmental knowledge. It is the best guaranty of safety and success for the people who accompany them.

In the future, always request the credentials of the guide you contract, to guaranty the quality of the activities and your safety.
Since 2003, the training has been made official, bestowing a State Title of competence from the Education Department of the different Autonomous Communities.

Royal Decree 1913/1997. Royal Decree 318/2000. Decree 243/2003.

Our interdisciplinary team equally possesses the highest qualifications granted by The Ministry of Education for each of the qualifications they hold: Psycho-pedagogy, physiotherapy, INEF …

For specialist fields not regulated by The Ministry of Education, like yoga, our teachers have followed the most rigorous training and benefit from years of work and dedication. You will be able to check their individual credentials in the TEAM section and be happily surprised..

Communication is essential in order to comply fully with the objectives of the activities. Therefore, our all team speaks Spanish and English.

Furthermore, some of our guides speak perfectly French or Catalan.

On our enrollment forms you will be able to tick the boxes that match the languages you speak and thus guide us as to your preferences.


We have first quality equipment of the best brands available on the market, for all the sporting activities. Each year, any equipment that has ceased to perform to the highest standards for its intended use, is replaced, insuring not only your optimum comfort but also your safety.

Depending on availability, we offer transport as an option for those who lack their own, or to enhance the comfort of those who wish to rest and relax after an activity in the natural environment.