Technical Director-Mountain GuideCredencial AEGM-UIMLA.

Mountaineering Sports Technician

Canyoning Sports Technician

Qualifications: AEGM-UIMLA

Mountain sports expert, and great lover of nature, who has been climbing round Europe, Africa, Asia and South America for 19 years. Passionate about traditional climbing of great heights, he travels as often as possible to practise this sport outside of our borders.

He has special interest in the wealth of medicinal plants found in our environment and studies the diverse uses and benefits they bring to our daily life.

He is the driving force of the project whose objective is to focus on the mountain as a tool for personal development. From there was born the idea that an awareness developed through nature would build a better society. He has taken part in Education on Values programs for children and young people in Spain and Colombia

Languages: Native French and Spanish speaker. English


Sea and Mountain Guide

Gorges/Canyons Sports Technician

Physical Education Teacher

Physical Activities and Natural Environment Technician

Leisure and Free Time Activities Director. Advanced PADI. Lifeguard. PER License.

Originally from Mallorca, he is a multitalented sportsman. He thrives on an amazing capacity for adaptation to his surroundings, making the most of any type of space, be it land or sea.

On the list of his sporting achievements are to be found high level climbing itineraries and canyons, long and demanding alpine and pedestrian traverses,  boat and canoe hikes as well as numerous marine dives. He has taken part in expeditions to Tajikistan, China, The Alps, Morocco and numerous other activities on Spanish soil.

Co-founder of the Association of Mountain Activities COMOM and co-founder of the activities program “Verticales del Proyecto Hombre”.

Languages: Native Catalan and Spanish speaker. English, basic French


Mountain Guide

Canyoning Sports Technician

Excursions Sports Technician

Amongst his sporting qualities stand out his capacity for endurance on mountains (adventure Raids; marathons; traditional, sporting, ice, mixed climbing; trekking etc.); Lover of the great challenges of nature and an expert in the field of canyoning, he has more than 10 years experience in the Pyrenees, the south of France and Andalucía. With a passion for triathlons, he is an unflagging sportsman, capable of assuming any proposed challenge.

Languages: Native Catalan and Spanish. English


Mountain Guide

Climbing Sports Technician

Born in Barcelona, he started climbing only 4 years ago. Grabbed by the passion for rock climbing, he moved to the Pyrenees where, in a few years, he developed to the level that took many climbers decades of continuous effort to attain. Now his passion is his work, and his motivation to share his lifestyle and knowledge about this and other mountain sports. Another of Sergi’s notable qualities is his enormous humane character.  You will enjoy every minute of his joyful company, of his friendly approach and of the positive energy that surrounds him.

Languages: Native Catalan and Spanish speaker. Advanced English. Basic French

Equipo Colaborador:


Pilates Instructor

From Madrid, Bachelor in Political Sciences and Sociology from the University of Complutense, married and mother of 3 children. Since 2002 she has professionally turned herself towards the new arts of exercise and mind-body control. She eagerly interested herself in the different oriental techniques; yoga, Tai Chi, Shiatsu and in the last few years, especially Pilates as the best synthesis for the balance body-mind. She holds a Pilates instructors certificate from  the European School Anna Cova (2003), from the American Schools Polestar (2004) and Power Pilates (2004). She is a member of PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

“Health, as well as being a normal state, it is a duty attaining and maintaining it; if human beings knew and obeyed the simple laws of nature, they would attain universal health.” J.H. Pilates

Languages: Spanish, English, French & Italian


Physiotherapist from the University of Granada

Humans are sociable creature and learn in company. Thanks to the activities in nature, they acquire a better awareness of their dimension within this world. That is why I collaborate with this project.

Languages: Spanish, English.