All of Expandetumundo´s programs are subject to the general conditions listed below. 

-The booking consultation can be done by phone or by e-mail to which we will reply within 24 hours attaching a personal information form to be filled in, a meeting location and timetable for the activity.
-The booking will be considered confirmed once 30% of the quotation or 100% if made 3 days before the start of the activity, have been met.
-Payment: 100% before the service.
-The payment will be made in the account number: 0019-0253-11-4010020565 DEUTSCHE BANK with the name EXPANDETUMUNDO.
-We will need the following information: PARTICIPANT´S NAME (or group representative) / NUMBER OF PEOPLE / DATE OF ACTIVITY.
-For international transfers:
   IBAN: ES 48 0019-0253-11-4010020565
-It is essential to send proof of the transfer to the e-mail address: on the same day the payment is made. Remember that if you do not have a scanner, the transfer receipt can be photographed and sent as a jpg image.
Should this clause not be fulfilled, the organization takes no responsibility for the resulting anomalies linked to the booking.

-Once 30% is received, Expandetumundo starts organizing the preparations for the activity, booking that day for the contracted activity.
-If the client cancels up to 10 days prior to the date of the activity, the whole sum will be reimbursed (except when traveling expenses have been incurred, a 20% fee will be charged).
If the clients cancel between 10 and 3 days prior to the activity, a charge of 30% will be billed.
-If said cancellation happened 3 days or less prior to the activity, a charge of 50% of the whole quote will be billed.
-If the client fails to arrive on the day of the activity, 100% will be charged.
-Should be cancellation be due to causes alien to Expandetumundo, no reimbursements will be made. An alternative date will be offered to the affected participant.
Cancellation due to Climatic Conditions: The week and days preceding the activity, the mountain team will carry out checks of the climatic conditions using as a source of information the data published by INM, with the aim of preventing, as far as possible, any circumstances whereby the activity would have to be canceled.

On the other hand, through professional criterion, our guides´ team will assess if the rain or bad weather at that time are inconvenient for the success of the activity.

If Expandetumundo decides to cancel the activity before it starts, the whole amount paid will be reimbursed and/or a new date will be suggested to carry out the same activity. Another possibility would be to offer an alternative or plan B according to the guide´s criteria.

In any case, Expandetumundo will not be responsible for accommodation, transport, food or any other expenses that resulted from said cancellation.


1.-All our prices include 8% tax or the percentage corresponding to the service provided.

2.-The client responsible for a group, who has made the booking and been given the general conditions information, takes the responsibility for sharing that information with all the participants of the group: (Timetable, location, difficulty level, physical fitness requirements, equipment needed for the activity, cancellation charges and general conditions for the service provided…) exactly as they are written on the information sheet supplied, there being no possibility of reimbursement on that same day.

Expandetumundo takes no responsibility for the consequences caused by such omission.

3.-Forms: The client responsible for a group, who has made the booking and been supplied with the general conditions information, takes the responsibility for sending Expandetumundo the filled in forms with the required personal information, depending on type of activity, about all the participants. Furthermore, he/she takes responsibility for sending all the participants, the information sheet that Expandetumundo has provided, with the location, time of the activity, including the physical fitness and technical knowledge that carrying such activity requires.

-At the time of the activity, a small form is filled in indicating:

Illness and medication the guide must be aware of, for the smooth operation of the activity; Testifying not to be suffering from any illness which would put them at risk or prevent them from carrying out the activity or affect the physical fitness level required for it; Disability; Signature of each participant.

4.-Timetable: The client accepts the obligation to adhere scrupulously to the meeting and leaving times.

The meeting time, indicates the moment when participants must meet with the aim of pre-organising the group and giving general instructions. There will be a 20 minutes curtsey wait for those who have been accidentally delayed.

The starting time for the activity, will be 20 minutes after the meeting time and as such will be the end of the waiting slot allocated for unforeseen delays.

These timetables will be sent to the participants or representatives of the participants at the time of confirmation of the booking.

The participants or group of participants failing to arrive within the allotted time will automatically loose the right to the paid for service, the activity going ahead without them.

Bearing in mind that hold ups would have costly implications relating to equipment, transport and technical staff fees, Expandetumundo reserves the right to add a charge should the client express, via telephone communication, their wish for the instructor to hold till their arrival for the activity to be carried out.

5.- LEGALITIES WITH MINORS: Minors will hand in a parental consent form (original) on the first day of the course and/or activity as well as a photocopy of the father or guardian´s D.N.I./N.I.E./PASSPORT. Without consent and D.N.I./N.I.E./PASSPORT, they will not be allowed access.

6.-HEALTH: The client is under obligation to inform of potential health problems, allergies or cardiovascular illnesses before engaging in any activity. By the same token, the client makes the commitment of not being under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or barbiturates, or any other medication that could be detrimental to their reaction capacity.

7.-RIGHTS OF ADMISSION: The participants make the commitment to bring the requested basic equipment to carry out the activity. It is an essential requisite for their safety and management of the group; as such the guide reserves the right to deny admission to those who do not comply with this part.

For the same reasons, admission rights will be denied to those who appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or barbiturates.

8.-WITH RESPECT TO THE PROFESSIONAL GUIDE´S DECISIONS: The mountain guide and/or technician responsible for the activity, have the power to suspend an activity or alter it should the situations that arise suggest a danger for the group.

They also have the power to prevent participants from continuing an activity if they pose a danger to themselves or the rest of the group. The participants make the commitment to comply with the instructions and follow directions from the guide, acting on the safety instructions being dictated to them during the unfolding of said activity. The guide declines any responsibility for the consequences due to the failure of compliance to the given instructions. Failing to comply with instructions could lead to exclusion from the activity and including being suspended from the whole course or activity, with loss of all rights.

9.-PHOTO-VIDEO: The participants give their consent that photos or videos taken during the unfolding of the activity, be used for information and publicity campaigns organised by Expandetumundo. Should any participant not wish to be photographed or filmed, they should simply let it be known during the activity.


In accordance with the provisions in the Organic law 15/1999 of the 13th  December, clients of Expandetumundo can, at any time, exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their personal information by sending a message to


The activities organised by Expandetumundo are subject to Spanish legislation.

In case of conflict or disagreement the competent jurisdiction will be that of the Courts or Tribunals of Malaga (Spain), as long as there are no legal provisos preventing it.