MARBELLA HIKING – 10 & 14 euros | OPEN ACTIVITY Each Month

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Marbella Hiking is a programe that we have designed for the lovers and visitants of the Marbella Nature and nearness villages. We will descover with profesionals guides our natural environment, our special lanscaping, his plant life and his very exclusive spots.
EVERY FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH!!! (for others consult us)

   |   CONTACTO TLF: 00 34 699 199 158>

+INFO: Marbella Hiking have more than 50 hiking routes in the surrounding of Marbella & his villages. How goal his creating a hiking route each week in few months.

We want to facility the transport for those visitors from 4 euros. We have place 3 point in Marbella to pick up people.30% Discount for minor. In Summer Time we will hiking along rivers and sources to be able to have a bath and refresh ourself. 

We are profesionals guides – Técnicos Deportivos de Montaña with credentialsAEGM y UIMLA

NEXT HIKING:      |..| DAY OF HIKING:  |..|  DURATION:    |..|  PRICE:   
RUTA DEL AGUA -ISTAN  01 June 2013  2.5 a 3.00 hours  10 euros
SIERRA UTRERA+AGUAS TERMALES  06 July 2013  4.00 hours  14 euros
RIO VERDE – ISTAN  03 August 2013  4.00 hours  12 euros


-MEETING TIME:  8.00 am (from June to September) 9.00am (from Octubre to May)


 -Bus Station of San Pedro  ………
 -Bus Station of Puerto Banus (see map for spot)  ………
 -Marbella Main Bus Station:  ………

-TRANSPORT: available 8 seat: Van Mercedes Vito

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